Saliva Analysis

Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning additional therapies

About PSR

Hanna Kroeger developed a unique method to measure the energy of each organs and systems in the body, sampling using a saliva sample (which contains all of your RNA and DNA). A saliva reading is a spiritual reading and is widely use and thought in special schools in Europe. Rev. Hanna Kroeger before her passing in 1999 healed, thought and inspire many. This technique is used by countless practitioners around the globe.

Hanna Kroeger was one of the foremost authority on herbs homeopathic remedies and natural healing techniques in the country. Rev. Hanna Kroeger left a legacy not only to help one self but also to help one another.

What is a saliva reading?

A saliva or Auric reading is a spiritual reading that shows where energies of the body are not operating fully or are over worked. This method is widely used and taught in Europe. All things have and energy field or aura around them and these energy fields can be measured, including people, plants, animals... Based on the information gathered from the reading, natural herbal and homeopathic remedies are recommended to "correct" the energy of the body which often restores health and vitality in the body of the individual.

Often times diseases goes undetected because it show up first in the aura and without physical sign it cannot be diagnosed. Eventually if the problem is not detected and resolved it will show up in the physical body. Therefore a low reading of a particular organ does not mean that the organ is diseased depending on where you are at your energy loss it takes a year for physical dis-eases to manifest in the body. Typically conditions are addressed in the following order 1) potentially toxins 2) infections 3) environmental 4) parasites 5) congestions. Our aim is to help you take your power back in your health because it is your birthright. Restore. Rebuild. Rejuvenate.

Take charge of your body, stop the poising and eliminate the toxins and pollutants. Vibrant health and energy are the results of a well nourished, toxic free body. Mastering your health is the foundation of all successes in careers, finances, relationships.  

Health +health= wealth experience growth financial freedom and whatever else success means to you. Optional health can be yours by taking a simple step ACTION.

Psychometric or Saliva Readings

  1. In an effort to help others restore perfect health, this technique was developed by Hanna Kroeger to help measure the energy of each of the organs.
  2. Alternative healing solutions
  3. Psychometric or saliva readings it is done by examining your saliva sample as a prevention tool. Since dis-eases enter aura field way before it actually appear on the physical body we make recommendations of natural remedies as a preventative measure.


Place a clean cotton ball and a zip lock bag at your bedside. Upon arising in the morning(before brushing your teeth or eating), using the clean cotton ball put a small amount of saliva from your mouth. Place the cotton ball into the zip lock bag, seal it well, write your name and date and date of birth on the outside of the bag either on a label or a fine point magic marker.

Print and complete this form or write the required information on a separate sheet of paper. Please enclose a legal size envelope self addressed stamped with 60cents, along with $65.00 US Funds to Yes I Can Seminars, LLC

553 Hempstead Ave. West Hempstead N.Y. 11552.

Disclaimer: Psychometric Saliva Readings is not to be used as a diagnosis of any dis-ease nor should those recommendations be taken in lieu of medication without your physician's approval. (PSR) does not replace medical care if conditions persist, consult your physician.

(Files are not kept on these readings. When sending for additional readings; please list the items that where recommended from prior readings. For any questions about your psychometric salvia reading results please call 516)485-1411. Leave a detailed message your call will be returned the same day or the next morning.




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