How to Defeat Allergies

One out of five people suffer from allergies in the United States. Knowing what triggers your allergies and staying away from those things, may help you stay symptom free. Having a strong immune system is the number one defense against allergies and most illnesses. A strong immune system will keep the body well, and help fight against of bacteria and viruses.

The digestive system plays a very important role in healthy immune system. Eighty percent of the immune system is found in the gut; therefore it is imperative to monitor what we put in our mouths. Food plays a major role in supporting and strengthening our immune, it is important to make choices that will support digestion and elimination.

It is useful to eliminate certain foods from diet to combat allergies. Eliminating foods like dairy, sugars, bread, cake, pasta, candies. Mainly sugary foods or any products containing milk as they tend to be mucus-producing foods. Replace empty calories with foods like with fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and lean meat.

Another way to keep allergies at by is to start an exercise regiment.  It does not have to be challenging; it could be a thirty minute walk or getting on a trampoline five minutes three times a day. This will help activate the lymphatic system. Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a pump; it requires motion to activate it so it can help us fight viruses and bacteria. 

If you do not see results by making these small changes, take the next step. Abstain from eating solid foods.  This will give the digestive system a break, so all the energy can be focused on healing the body. Doing this short juice fast will be beneficial for you; it will play a big role in helping your body get well.  I want to be forward with you, I do not mean an all sugary juices.

A vegetable and fruit juice is always beneficial, it will keep you nourish and help you get you well. Juicing has tremendous power to help you get back your health.

Please look forward to “How to Defeat Allergies Part 2” in next week’s paper.

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