New Year 2012 Try a New Idea.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and enjoying the opportunity to share this time with family and friends. This Christmas was one of the best for my family. It was magical to meet the family we sponsored, and then see the children open their present, the gift of giving is endless for the memories are lasting. Even without meeting the children, the choice we made for their clothes and toys matched their personalities.  Mom was grateful for the Santa’s help; in her not so perfect English told us when she gets out of this situation she will help others.

The children were polite and well mannered; they were all wearing Santa hats as they came off the elevator, excited and a little timid, that lasted until we got upstairs to the apartment. The eight year old girl was very thoughtful, the six year girl was a glamour girl, and the six year old boy was a ball of energy.

It was time to go. We all parted with memories that will last a lifetime, mom and children were in deep gratitude, we are all thankful for the lessons learned and the privilege and blessing of this experience. I usually write about ways to feed your body and stay healthy that way, but it is really important to remember that we must also feed the spirit.  This experience feed my spirit this holiday. My kids and I plan to keep this tradition.  In addition to being an act of kindness for a family in need, it was a treat for us as a family. We had such a blast shopping and wrapping all the gifts and that time together is priceless.

As the New Year approaches it is time to try something new. Comfort zones are meant to be broken, so this year get off the comfort zone, I suggest you try a new idea that bring you fulfillment, but first you need to:

·         Identify what you want

·         Set goals

·         Give yourself a timeline

·         Take massive and consistent action

·         Measure your progress

I challenge you to consider some “new” things that could be helpful to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Four out of five people who make New Year's resolutions eventually break them and one third won't even make it to the end of January; this year consider getting coaching for various aspect of your life, health, relationship, career, finances and spirituality to help you achieve results.

Constant demands and daily distractions may be in our way of getting your heart’s desire, causing us to neglect our New Year resolution, to achieve the goals we deserve. It is a good idea to that we have a support system for creating a healthy lifestyle, having the financial freedom, creating the new business and career… Instead of making promises to ourselves over and over and not being accountable for it, choose to create results that last.

This year let’s change our approach; the word resolution brings pressure and eventually guilt, creating a “solution” will bring result.

I wish you vibrant health, happiness, joy, love, success, prosperity and transformation in 2012; expect the best of life you deserve it.

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