Caregiver tips to avoid burnouts!

As children did we ever think we would turn around and give care to our parents? As we grow older the need for our parents to care for us diminishes, our career provide for our financial needs, and we can pay the rent, mortgage, afford grocery shopping, pay the car note and insurance, put gas in the car, pay the utilities, and take a vacation…

As adult we become more dependent on ourselves; however when we have issues that appears to be bigger than us, we yearn for our parents’ wisdom. My daughter puts it so simple, whenever things appear to be a bit complicated and she is in need for guidance, she will say “I am just a kid” I say “I want my mommy” our parents guidance goes on, even beyond their time with us here; my mom is no longer with me, nevertheless at times saying these words makes life easier.

Our parents did their job caring for us sacrificially; it is our turn to do the same for them. We would never know how many times they went without, until we become parents ourselves and have to do the same for our children; this is a normal cycle of life. Most parents ask nothing of us, the best gift we can give our love one is health, this gift starts with our own good health.

Lord knows we are going to need health on many levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do you remember this common phrase? “Once an adult, twice a child.” That is a hard reality to deal with; going from strong, vibrant, to slow, weak, credulous or incredulous at times can be awkward to us.

Putting yourself first is not being selfish; remember we talked about the airplane ride,  we are always cautioned by the flight attendant when traveling with a child the advice is to always put our mask on first, before assisting the child. Here I will outline some reasons to follow the flight attendant’s advice.

·        If you run yourself down you will not be able to continue to provide good care

·        You may become overwhelmed, and when life becomes unbearable your ability to make good decision for your loved one is compromised

·        Immune system becomes weak if the body is run down, making it susceptible to getting sick 

·        Being tired foster underlining resentment, giving care in that way does not benefit the person receiving care nor the one giving care

This is a big sacrifice on the caregiver’s part, while giving care always be mindful of the priority in your life, YOU. Do your best to ensure that it does not cost your own wellbeing. Protect your health, the need for rest is fundamental to good physical condition.

Giving care is taxing and can lead to depression; here are some signs of depression.

·        You have little or no interest in doing things

·        Change in appetite eat too much or too little

·        Difficulty sleeping or too much sleep

·        Lack of energy or constantly feeling tired

·        Hopeless and helpless feeling

·        Turning to alcohol or drugs for comfort

·         Sudden outbreaks of anger

·        Lack of desire to get things accomplish

·        Weight gain

·        Feeling like a victim 

 Remember hard times are transient, they do not last forever.

In November 2009 the National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP estimated more than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during any given year. This statistic lets you know you are not alone.

If you know a caregiver here are 3 tips to assist them

·        Call and ask how they are doing? Often times they do not feel the appreciation from their loved ones

·        Pray for them, prayer can provide comfort and strength to the caregiver

·        Take them out for tea and positive conversation, having a good time will take their mind off things at least for the moment

        If you are a caregiver here are some tips to assist you

·        Open line of communication with other family members, if they do not step up to the plate do your best not to take on more, do it now don’t wait until it is to late

·        Accept what other siblings are willing to give, if they don’t offer ask

·        Giving care is not martyrdom, do not give of yourself until there is no more

·        Give yourself permission to say No, you will be surprise it is OK

·        Guilt is only a feeling do your best, push through it will feel lighter

·        Establish a rotation system, take turn it makes it easy for everyone

·        Take time to meditate, you will gain mental clarity

·        Go for long walk or get a body massage, felling good about yourself will help you in giving more of yourself

·        Go see a funny movie

·        Eat nutrition meals 

·        Practice deep breathing it connect you to Spirit

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