Butterfly a Profound Transformation!

All butterflies have to evolve through complete metamorphosis, the butterfly’s life cycle consists of four parts; egg, larva, pupa and adult. To grow into an adult the they go through 4 stages, depending on the type of butterfly, their life cycle may take anywhere from one month to a whole year; this process cannot be rushed or bypassed each stage is a part of the process of maturation.

We too as human beings go though metamorphosis. The only difference is that a butterfly is willing to go through the steps, break through the cocoon to fly away and express its beauty. Humans either want to speed through the process to avoid the pain, confinement, and pass up the valuable lesson that each step offers.  Or they remain in one stage too long to avoid discomfort, and pain from breaking through.  

The transformation from an egg to a butterfly is profound metaphor for all to learn from. In my opinion the caterpillar must only hold in mind the finish line, the end result, the beauty that it will become in order to endure the various steps. For hundreds of years, the butterfly’s life cycle has been used a symbol of change and transformation.
We all start as caterpillars. We must believe in ourselves. Believing without seeing is an act of faith. We first have to believe we can fly before those wings show up to take us on our journey of self discovery. Countless lessons to learn during our transition: life, death, patience, wisdom, pain, trust, mastery, courage, hope, inner strength, survival, validation, power and the greatest lesson of all learning to give ourselves permission to become the only authority in our lives that decides who and what we become, and enjoy the freedom of just being.  

"Just as our physical muscles are developed by lifting heavy weights and doing resistance training, so, too, our intelligence, personality, and character are developed by engaging with the world—especially dealing with problems, difficulties and challenges."  —Mac Anderson and BJ Gallagher

Ask yourself these questions:
Where am I in my life? Remember that fear is paralyzing. It will not get you to your final destination.
Do I believe I can do it? Belief and persistence is a great companion for the trip.
Do I have a plan? Planning along with consistent action will help you create your dream.
Am I ready? Just trust Soar, the wings will show as if it was your birth right.
How will my life be different?

As A Butterfly

I began my struggle

Grasping edges leaf to leaf

But my inner buckle

Strapped me in from any grief.

This persistent endurance

Began awakening a spark

I started seeing hints
Even in the darkest dark.

One day, an event occurred

Causing a balance loss

Being that I had conquered

A cocoon formed from the toss.

I emerged and flew away

To another point

When reviewing that past day

I appreciate my standpoint.

(Unknown author)

Let go and trust, the wings will be there if you believe it, along with the wind to support you. Next time you see a butterfly stop and give it acknowledgement for the gift, the symbol of change it shares with us.

“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”  

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