Looking Back at Hurricane Irene!

Let me start by saying that New Yorkers have a lot to be thankful for, post hurricane Irene. We are truly blessed, especially people on Long Island since Irene’s was aiming towards Long Beach. I am personally thankful do to the fact that I am in close proximity, and that an invisible hand scaled the storm down and escorted out of here.  That’s another reason for me to believe that the higher Power is always at work twenty four seven.

There are a few places in Long Beach that are close to my heart; most importantly I have a few of my friends who leave in Long Beach. Thankfully one of them decided she was going to evacuate prior to the mandated evacuation; and she was so organized with the process. She called left a message for me, and when she got to her destination she emailed to let me know where she was, and added her cell number as her only contact. I have so much appreciation for that, I was relieved of any potential worries; thankfully she returned home only to find that her basement was flooded.

The visit from hurricane Irene last week caused a lot of flooding; trees went down taking with them wires, causing power outage in the New York area, disrupted TV, internet and phone services, tree branches flew all over the place. Some may have leaky roof that needs to be replaced, flooded basement and loss of personal items family treasures… this family in Hempstead was facing even more than they bargained for.

Post hurricane Irene on Saturday late afternoon, I was on a quick visit in Hempstead, prior to making my way to the nursing home to visit my dad before the storm got worst. As I was getting off my car I smelled wood burning , between hard rain falling, holding the umbrella, having my mind on visiting my dad before the storm got here, then eventually finally stop at the supermarket to prepare myself in case I could not go out for days; I dismissed the smell.

My fifteen minute visit turned to more than one hour, the next thing I know this quiet dead end street that I was familiar with, turned into a busy noisy street full of fire trucks escorted by police and fire marshal. It was the house across the street that was on fire, here we were all preparing for a storm and that family was facing far worst an electrical fire.

Finally I got to the supermarket this is what I found, empty shelves I heard people complaining about not having enough of everything the previous day, I did not believe it could be so bad until I got there

But wait I found something else, in the perishable section voila! That’s where I do all my shopping every time I go to the supermarket, in the organic section, I sometimes go to the farmers market at County Seat Drive or Jandi’s in Oceanside. I had to stop and ask myself the question, are living to eat, instead of eating to live? We have witness’s leaders like Gandhi going on hunger strike to change his country and impact the world for ever, he only allowed himself to drink water. I made sure I saved a lot of water from my water Ionizer in the event that; this situation was prolonged for days.

I did not take this storm lightly I can recall almost fifty years ago, as a child growing up in Haiti I remember hurricane season came yearly. This time it was hurricane Flora that left the island of Haiti devastated. My dad used to work for the electric company and he had to be on the job no matter what. He came home frequently to check on us during the storm, this time he looked disturbed by what he had just witnessed. He went on to tell us that he had just seeing a woman die instantly, in those days most houses had a metal roof. One metal sheet got loose went flying and cut this woman’s head off. To this day they hurricane watch I will be indoors, and listen to the authority officials.

I am aware what kind of dangers hurricane can pose, I am sharing this story with you to simply acknowledge how BLESSED we all are, and we should all continue to exercise caution anytime there is a hurricane watch.  Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano along with Gov. Cuomo toured the long beach area the governor announced that about 1 million people statewide were without power, and that many of them would remain powerless for many days, also on Thursday he announced that federal disaster aid has been extended to Nassau County.

I would like to end on a happy note, where are the parties going to be this weekend?  Wishing you all a safe and fun filled Labor Day!!!

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