Celebrate Yourself!

Often times our busy lives can rob us of the precious time we need to replenish ourselves, and we find that we are on a never-ending ride on a hamster wheel, or even that we are standing in our own way, pressuring and demanding the best of ourselves. As a result and out of neglect, we forget to take the time to celebrate.

We can celebrate ourselves in many different ways. Meditation or yoga allows us to spend time with ourselves creating balance in our lives. The goal of these practices is for the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight, peace of mind and tranquility. Taking time out to sip on a warm cup of your favorite tea is another way or even listening to classical music or nature sounds can provide a well needed a mental break.

Finding a way to pace ourselves is crucial in achieving the proper balance. Keeping in mind that we come first, we must constantly remind ourselves that time is a precious commodity.  We are all given, at the beginning of the day, the same amount of time. To some of us this is merely idle time; some make things happen, some wonder what happened. Some would opt to lay on a couch, in therapy, that is, trying to find a way out of this maze called life while some simply sit on the couch long enough to have it repossessed for nonpayment. 

Acknowledge that each day is a brand new day full of possibilities, opportunities and new beginnings. As the calendar day changes, we have the power to make the choice to either be our best or be defeated. This can be achieved with a simple thought as THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Some would argue: How can this be done? I have so many challenges; I work, my son has soccer practice, my daughter has piano practice, dinner to cook for the family, help my children with homework, etc…  

Understand that your thoughts determine your experience in life. It begins and ends with you. I invite you to be flexible and explore a new way of seeing these daily challenges. I call it “Put your mask on first.” The best way for me to explain this statement is to take you on an airplane. Now, I did not say I would pay your airfare. Most people have traveled at least once.  We get clear instructions from flight attendants, in the event of an emergency, when the mask drops from the overhead compartment, to put our masks on first. This means that only by attending to our own needs first can we be strong enough to attend to the needs of others.

As we wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed, it is important to reconnect, in deep gratitude, with this gift called life. Give thanks for all your faculties, most of all, give thanks for your mental, physical, and emotional strength, for your ability to handle the day ahead, as “To whom much is given, much is required.” In the words of my late adopted father, “when you don’t have shoes, think of those who do not have feet.” Stop and celebrate yourself and all that you are. Take time to break free from your routine, to look inward, to feel, to celebrate YOU.

The Fourth of July is Independence Day. This day is usually a busy day associated with barbecues, family reunions, fireworks, and parades. It is a proud American tradition and a national holiday because it is the day that the United States declared its independence from Great Britain.  Take this day to celebrate YOUR independence from daily responsibilities and take the time to just be.

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!!!

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