Finding Ways to De-clutter your Space!

I always say there is a solution to every problem. I find myself being continuously challenged with stuff I had accumulated for the past twenty years. Most people might assume that my life is without daily challenges; that is not entirely true. My life is perfect, whole and complete, however, I do not let it stop there, I am always looking for ways to grow and improve. Every day was beginning to look the same to me yet I thrive on variety, adventure and fun.

I made a decision to end a relationship that I had with my business after two decades of running a successful hair loss and weaving clinic. Ending this long-term relationship with my employees and my clients who were friends, and who had practically become my extended family was an internal battle. To date I am still mourning the decision. This has caused me to hold on to so much stuff that my space was beginning to look very crowded.

My daughter offered to help. She hired help because the project was so big that it would overwhelm us without an extra pair of strong muscles. Little did I know, I was going to have a major breakthrough. I always coach people about “pushing through to breakthrough”; only this time I was not following my own advice. That day when my daughter arrived she asked me what I wanted done. I gave her some instructions and told her that I wanted to stay home and not attend church.  She told me to go and I can help when I get back. By the time I got back from church, there were at least five tall industrial garbage bags containing God knows what ready to be discarded, furniture moved, etc.  The place looked strange which saddened me as I realized this would become my new life.

I am going to fast forward a little. This major cleaning happened in early March. It is now June and I am still dealing with the loose ends. Now my god-daughter is here from Florida spending some time with me.  She offered to help complete the project. I accepted, however, again, little did I know she was going to hold me to my word and see the project to the end.

While completing the project, I realized that the resistance I was experiencing was mainly from having so much attachment to my former business and that I needed to give myself permission to finally let go and close this chapter by donating and throwing more stuff away. Change is good. I am now making room for a brand new project that I have been pushing aside for a couple of years; I am giving birth to a wellness center. I celebrate this WIN!  

I am going to share with you 7 steps to beating procrastination and ending clutter.

1.       Give yourself permission to let go; beware of nostalgia.

2.       Find someone to hold you accountable; you will run out of excuses.

3.       Have a plan on how you are going to get it done; give yourself a time frame to complete it.

4.       Once you have everything organized establish a 30-minute weekly routine or 10 minutes daily; it will be easier to catch up. Stick to your schedule.

5.       Think twice before getting new things in your space. Look for permanent solutions that are simple and promote clutter control.

6.       You eat an elephant one bite at the time; start with the easy things first. Plan your day and get it done.

7.       Get excited about the project, see yourself at the finish line and celebrate.

This is the perfect time to start a new cycle in life; summer is here. Take care of any mental calcification, renew your spirit, de-clutter your space, detoxify with each season, and lastly, cleanse your body. Just remember like your car and your home require maintenance, so do you. Tune up your body.  By doing this, you are practicing prevention which could be a life saver. Have a safe and happy SUMMER!




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