Finding Balance in Your Finances!

Paying attention to how you spend your money can add more money in your pocket and improve your quality of life. A balanced budget can be accomplished by the average person; if it appears to be difficult for some of you it is a good idea to hire a financial planner that can hold you accountable. Balancing your budget can mean finding a system that works for you or finding the assistance from a professional that will make sure you stay on course. Some may need to take small steady steps; others may need to take drastic steps, however only you will know which method will suit you the most.

Ways to adjust your spending

·         Buy cash only

·         Live within your budget

·         Prioritize. Look at each expense and ask yourself, is this important? Do I need it now? Will I ever use it?

·         Save money to buy what you want, this will help to identify your wants and needs

·         Use direct deposit

·         Stop frivolous spending

·         Limit eating out, bag your lunch

·         Call your utility representatives and review your accounts to see where you can save money

Work on debt elimination not accumulation

·         Set a weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual budget

·         Get a receipt for every purchase you make

·         Log your spending in a notebook

·         Freeze your credit cards

Learn to find opportunity in adversity. Turn your passion into a side business but be sure to consult with an accountant to figure out the best way to turn your craft into cash and how to start a business from scratch.

The truth about finding balance

·         Take it one step at the time

·         Be honest with yourself about your situation

·         Make a budget and stick to it

·         Stop all credit card activities

·         Set a date on becoming debt free

·         Start a small savings account

·         Open a Christmas club for your holiday shopping

Finding balance in your finances can be easy if you are disciplined and have the will to follow through. Most of all, keep your mind on what you want, since what you keep your attention on expands.

Living within your means does not mean that we are going to forget about father’s day. Minimize or give less of yourselves. Fathers tend to be cheated out of this holiday.

Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the United States. It is to celebrate the values and positive contributions that fathers or father figures make in their children’s lives. It is believed that it might have originated in 1908 at a memorial service held for a large group of men, many of them fathers, who were killed in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907.  Father’s day is an opportunity to honor other men in our lives including step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers and great-grandfathers and other male relatives.

This year give a gift from the heart.  You do not have to give less. Most men receive a gift card from places such as home improvements stores or may be taken shopping for a Lazy boy or electronics.

This year I invite you to try a new approach. Give them flowers. They will be less expensive than buying them on mother’s day, which will soon change once they realize that men love flowers too. How do I know men love flowers? It was tested and proven. Every year my dad would spend one to two months with me during the summer and one week I decided to give him flowers. The joy and happiness he displayed was so immense that every week I would buy him fresh flowers and he was happy each time. That year every man in my life, friend or relative, received flowers from me. To my surprise it had the same effect on them. Besides that, I was taking him to get a manicure and pedicure which also made him very happy. Making his favorite dish is always a winner too.

I want to take the opportunity to wish all fathers who are also a dad a magical day. A dad is a big responsibility, someone who protects, nurtures, watches, contributes, teaches lasting values, is there for his children and actively participates in their lives.  A father simply provides the reproductive assistance and it stops there; he is more like a donor.  Fathers need to be acknowledged as well for their role in helping to bring the most precious gift, LIFE!

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