Staying Healthy Through Detoxification

Before you detoxify you need to identify what toxins and where they are present. Toxins can easily be in the air we breathe, the water we drink, chemical preservatives in food, chemicals found in personal care items and household cleansing agents.  Toxins are present in some over the counter drugs and second hand smoke. Even negative thoughts like anger and fear can produce toxins in the body. If you identify with one or more items on listed, you might want to look into engaging in a detoxification program.

Before you do that, let me first identify the channels of elimination. The body has seven channels of elimination:

·        The skin is the largest organ and an important way for the body to rid itself of waste (sweating)  

·         The liver has 260 known functions.  It’s one of the largest and busiest internal organs and it’s essential to filtering toxins especially alcohol.

·        The lungs take in oxygen and discharges carbon dioxide

·        The kidneys regulate water and pH levels. It also excretes acid wastes

·        The lymphatic system is like the body’s garbage collector and is a great contributor to a healthy immune system.

·        The colon is an often over looked and neglected elimination organ. Before considering a detox program make sure to open this channel. If blocked, toxins can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream causing toxemia.

·        The blood is also a channel of elimination

Some signs that you may be toxic are constant flatulence, acne, diarrhea, bloating, dark color urine, fatigue, irritability, chronic congestion, abnormally bad breath, persistent body odor, allergies, and constipation or constant headaches. Taking the time to detoxifying can be very rewarding. The results could be surprising, ranging from mental clarity, weight loss, vitality, clear skin, improved immune system and better sleep.  

You should check with your health care professional before engaging in anything new but once you do, here is a simple at home detox you can try.

The first step is to stop taking in toxins. Remove the ones you can identify. And get as much rest as possible. The body repairs while you sleep. Most importantly try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible.

Avoid these items the following food items: processed and refine foods, dairy, meats and poultry, refined sugar, coffee/caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks.

Incorporate these items: water, fruits, vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, fiber, probiotic, exercise and perhaps meditation if you feel comforable.

Personally, I always start my detox with a colonic. Next week we will cover colonics and how they play an integral role in detoxification. According to Dr. Jensen, both death and health start in the colon.

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