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Since 1974, Immacula Oligario was a leader in the beauty industry, a respected cosmetologist and hair loss specialist. Immacula Oligario began her studies in "healthy living" in 1994. Her curiosity arose when she noticed correlations between her clients eating habits, stress levels and the medications they took and the condition of their hair. Often times her clients would experience dry hair, hair breakage or hair loss after taking blood pressure, or cholesterol medication or hormone therapy. Clients on prolonged low fat diets also experienced hair loss. She asked herself, "If my client's hair is affected by diet and medication, how are their bodies reacting?"

This sparked her to interview many of her customers who are physicians and nurses, read countless books , attend seminars like Life Mastery, The Health Expo, Living Foods Lifestyle and work with mentors like Hiawatha Cromer, Leola Brooks, Lolita Salas, Tony Robbins, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Ginger Bowler. But it was in 2006 that her true quest began. Immacula was diagnosed with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, mercury toxicity, an enlarged liver and a digestive disorder. She went from a size 8 to a size 0 in less than eight months. This inexplicable weight loss left the doctor with little doubt that she had cancer of the colon. Not to mention there were two masses each the size of a baseball in her abdomen. Her doctor told her that because her mother died of the same condition, there was not much that could be done to cure her.

That day, she made a life altering decision to become a raw/living foodist. Since then, she has reversed her health, with no assistance from traditional medicine, She dissolved the masses without surgery,chemo or radiation. She was able to regain her strength, mental clarity, stamina, well-being and she feels more vibrant and vital than ever and is now a size 4. This was proof enough for her that when provided with the right tools, the body has the ability to heal itself from anything. Two of her closest friends who are in the medical profession (doctor and nurse) later told her they suspected she would not live a year beyond her diagnosis because of the symptoms she displayed.

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